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Active COVID-19 Cases Surpass Three Thousand

Active COVID-19 cases stand at three thousand two hundred and six. That’s because there were five and forty-one new cases reported today. If you count all new cases from January 1 to tonight, there were one thousand seven hundred and eighty-eight new infections for the New Year. On the upside, there were no new fatalities reported tonight. But while these figures remain worrisome for us on the outside, on the inside of the Belize Central Prison, the facility has managed their protocols well to reduce spread. CEO Virgilio Murillo explained.

Virgilio Murillo, CEO, Kolbe Foundation:  We’ve been covered free at least for the last two weeks going on three weeks now. We’ve kept the curve flat for quite some time now I think since the 29th of  November they’re about so I think we’re doing great, I think we’re doing excellent.”

Reporter: And how were you guys able to achieve that? How were you guys able to contain the virus in the manner that you have done?

Virgilio Murillo, CEO, Kolbe Foundation: Well listen there is absolutely no doubt that the protocols, the COVID-19 protocols as recommended by the World Health Organization and the CDC works. All the hand hygiene, the wearing of your face mask, I think all these things should be made mandatory and everybody who violates them needs to be penalized. I don’t allow prison officers to violate any of these protocols. Any prison officer that violates any of these protocols runs the risk of being suspended for nothing less than three days. They do it a second time then the discipline or the punishment is increased. We are there to hold people accountable to laws and we ourselves will not go and break the law regardless of what it is, regardless of how minor it is so it definitely works. As long as you practice those things  hand hygiene come on wearing a face mask, social distancing and all of that then you should be fairly safe. The visitors are visiting their loved ones currently and they are required to bring their vaccination cards and aside from that they’re also required to follow the COVID-19 protocols that we have in place in the prison period anybody who fails to wash their hands or do you want to wear their face mask will be thrown out of the prison regardless of who you are.”