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Addressing the Poor Housing Conditions at Price Barracks

The housing infrastructure at the BDF Price Barracks continues to be an embarrassment. Soldiers who stay at the compound sleep in houses that have become damaged and dangerous over the years because of a lack of maintenance under the previous administration. The People’s United Party came into office more than a year ago and the conditions remain the same. But that won’t be for much longer says Minister of State in the Ministry of National Defence and Border Security, Oscar Mira. He says that the ministry has been working to have the buildings renovated. 

Oscar Requena, Minister of State, Ministry of Defence and Border Security: “For the Belize Defence Force we’re doing our best to ensure that we renovate, to ensure that we give them the best living conditions that we possibly can. It had been years of neglect. When I came at the Ministry and I went to visit these camps it was something that I had never seen the Belize Defence Force at all. We know that we always struggling in maintaining our camps but this was past anything that I had ever seen and we are doing as much as we can to ensure that we get our camps back on maintaining everything that we have there, making sure that the Belize Defence Force gets what it needs to do the job that they have been tasked to do.”