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Addressing the Sargassum Situation in Belize

Last week Cabinet reported on PM John Briceno’s successful trip to Berlin, Germany, where, at the invitation of the technology company Variodin AG, he led a delegation of technical experts on a research and educational visit. A significant aim of the meeting was to better understand how Belize and the Caribbean region can capitalize on and mitigate the growing threat of sargassum to the region’s critical tourism industry. PM Briceno is seeking technological solutions in managing sargassum, for the production of energy, and based on ongoing research, believes that Variodin’s technology is suited for Belize’s needs in helping to mitigate the sargassum problem. We asked the Caribbean Community Climate Change Center’s International and Regional Liaison Officer, Ambassador Carlos Fuller about it. 

AMB. Carlos Fuller, International and Regional Liaison Officer, 5 C’s: “Prime Minister Briceno I believe just came back from Germany to see how we can use sargassum as a social energy. Again I think that is the kind of thing that we want to be able to take the political message and showcase that with the private sector in Europe or in Egypt to show look come and invest we are showing you the kind of investment opportunities we have here in Belize and if we make this a pilot we  can then take this across the Caribbean because this affects everybody and so this would be our contribution to the international community to show we are taking action and we want to show how others how to do it. Everything is still in a concept stage at this stage so it is a proposal that we are putting to them. The issue with San Pedro is that you know we have waste problem that they need to transport waste into the mainland to get rid of it but we are saying that that waste can actually be used to generate electricity on San Pedro itself without having to transport the waste so that’s the savings that we would do there. But the is waste is not enough from what is occurring in San Pedro itself so that the sargassum supplement that in addition to keeping it going. So the whole idea is to have a holistic measure to address both the waste issue problem in San Pedro, the sargassum problem and also the electricity problem for the entire country so it is a fully holistic problem that we are promoting there.”