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ADO Bus Passengers Robbed Enroute to Merida

Hundreds of Belizeans have utilized the services of the ADO Bus from Mexico as it provides direct travel to Cancun and to Merida, Yucatan.  It is uncertain if a recent robbery incident involved any Belizean but we find it necessary to report on the incident as a means of alerting local travelers.  According to a Mexican news publication dated July 5, 2017, forty six passengers on the ADO bus heading for Merida were robbed by two armed men.  The report noted that the incident occurred on Sunday, July 2 when the two men made their move a few minutes after they had departed the Cancun bus station.  The passengers were reportedly threatened and intimidated as the men fired two warning shots hitting one of the windows.  No one was hurt and the men disembarked the bus at an unspecified location.