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Adoptive father granted custody of Linn’s siblings

The adoptive father of the late Faye Linn Cannon, David Cannon, was granted full custody of the surviving three sisters. The decision was made on Wednesday by the family court in Belize City. Cannon intends to return to the United States with the three girls in time for the Christmas vacation. He had been fighting for custody of the three sisters after Faye Linn was found dead in an apartment in San Pedro Town on July 3. The girls were in the custody of their adoptive mother Anke Doehm and her husband David Doehm. The couple was arrested after an autopsy revealed that Faye Linn had been physically and sexually abused. They were charged with cruelty to a child. David Doehm killed himself on October 5 in a hotel room in Belize City. Anke is out on bail pending criminal investigation.