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Adoptive father of Cannon siblings seek custody

Thirteen year old Faye Lin Cannon has three sisters, all of whom were adopted by Anke Doehm and he ex-husband David Cannon. Cannon travelled to Belize after he learnt of Faye’s death. He has begun the paper work to get the custody of the remaining girls. His representative, Roberta Usher, spoke to the media.

Roberta Usher – Representative for David Cannon
“He wants to find out what is happening with his girls and he wants to ensure their welfare and the burial of his child, the child who has died. He is very disturbed by all that has happened and he is willing and cooperating with everyone for the best interest of his children and wants to get custody of the girls.”

“Now has he indicated to you when the last time was that he saw them or at least Faye Lyn?”

Roberta Usher – Representative for David Cannon
“Well he lives in the United States so he is only able to come on weekends that he has visitation and he travels as often as he cans to Belize to see the children.

“Did he speak to you about ever getting complaints from Faye Lyn of maybe abuse, verbal or sexual abuse at any point?

Roberta Usher – Representative for David Cannon
“No and this is one of the things we have to be aware of is that there is an ongoing investigation so this is very sensitive at this time and he wants to cooperate with authorities so there is not much that we are willing to say at this point. All that he is willing to do and say is that he is here for his girls, he is here to protect them and he is here to play the role of their father he is their father with legal rights.”

“Has he seen the other three girls that are under the order of care?”

Roberta Usher – Representative for David Cannon
“I am not at liberty to say anything much about that right now unfortunately…. I will say this Human Services has played a very active role so far and we are cooperating with them for the time being.”

The three girls are under the care of the Department of Human Services.