Adrian Usher Knocked Down and Killed

Adrian Usher Knocked Down and Killed

In the Cayo district, a road traffic incident claimed the life of Adrian Usher. It happened on Saturday evening on the George Price Highway. The victim has been identified as Adrian Usher. Usher was on his way to Spanish Lookout to participate in a football tournament when the incident occurred. His mother, Margarita Hyde, spoke to Love News. 

Margarita Hyde, Mother of Deceased: “The team went in the evening and they went without him so he came out from work the evening and he said he would go on his cycle to work. So I told him “Adrian take your time my son.” He said “Mom, I won’t run hard, I will take my time and I’ll go because I need to go play that game because we have to win because every stage that you win you get a little money.” So they were in the semi finals. I left from here saying I was going to Cayo. I passed him at Central Farm by the bridge and he blew at me and I blew at him and he came home he sat down and he ate. From there he said he was going to the game. He called me and said “Mom I’m leaving now.” I said “Okay baby.” and I left. When I looked I saw I had am missed call from him so I called him back and asked what happened. He said “Give me a little ten dollars to put gas in my cycle because I don’t have enough. I have enough to reach but not to come back.” So I told him “Go to my daughter in law, she will give you the ten dollars.” So from then he went over there, got the ten dollars and he left from here and not even ten minutes they called me and said “Margaret where are you ?” I said “I’m in Cayo.” They said “You better come.” I said “Why”, they said “Adrian was in an accident.” but they didn’t tell me he died. So I heard when the person was telling somebody else they said “They are covering him with the sheet.” I hurried and came back and when I came back my baby was on the ground and the man was walking around like nothing happened, like he didn’t kill somebody. The police were protecting him out there. My son was out there on that ground for two hours, two hours. When we reached to the hospital the man he was there walking up and down on the phone all kind of thing like nothing happened. I don’t even know what a government vehicle is doing out there after seven at night. Those are supposed to be parked from five in the evening. They took an innocent life. Nothing will be able to bring him back, nothing. My baby is gone. Stupidly because of a stupid person. I want justice for my baby’s life.”

Police Press Officer, ASP Fitzroy Yearwood says that 

ASP Fitzroy Yearwood, Police Department Press Officer: “Initial investigation revealed that William Swan was driving his pickup truck in the direction of Esperanza towards Central Farm when he heard a loud bang and realized that a cycle crashed into the front portion of his vehicle. The driver of the cycle was flung onto the highway and upon impact sustained severe head and body injuries. He has since been identified as Adrian Usher 27 years. Mr.Swan was also detained and served with a notice of intended prosecution.”

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