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Adulterated Fuel May Cost More In the Longer Run

The long Easter weekend is the time when majority of families who can afford to travel away from home would pack their bags and head out for some sea, sun and relaxation.  Just in time for the many road trips that will be taking place, the Belize Retail Service Station Association (BRSSA) sent out a notice to vehicle owners who are looking to travel on a budget.  Many drivers would be familiar with fuel being sold out of drums and buckets particularly in the north.  Those on a tight budget would flock these fuel vendors but according to the BRSSA, the kind of fuel being sold outside any service station just may be adulterated fuel, meaning that it is mixed fuel.  Adulterated fuel is found to be poor in quality and can cause damage to engines while giving the consumer less miles per gallon.  The association is cautioning vehicle owners to be cautious of large discounts on fuel as the prices are controlled by Government and any significant discount would mean that the fuel is being mixed with inferior and cheaper fuels.