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Advocate Eva Middleton dies

The Belize Assembly for Persons with Diverse Abilities (BAPDA) has suffered a great loss as a result of the death of its Manager, Eva Middleton. She passed away at the hospital on Saturday night after she suffered a stroke about two weeks ago. Middleton was known for work in advocating for the rights of persons living with diverse abilities. President of BAPDA, Roxanna Anthony Marin, told us more about Middleton’s work.

Roxanne Anthony Marin: “Even though she was the Volunteer Office Manager of BAPDA she was really the voice and face of BAPDA. Everybody knows her from calling the morning shows and giving information as to the different activities the organization would be going through from time to time. Ms.Eva herself an amputee was very passionate about persons with prosthetics and so she made partnerships for international agencies to come in and assist persons in Belize for prosthetic limbs that are not offered here. The nation of Belize has suffered a tremendous loss. She was an amazing person, a very heartwarming person, a very loving person and a giving person. Sometimes she made miracles happen where we wouldn’t have wheelchairs and if we had to call and borrow a wheelchair from somebody she would move things around.”

Reporter: I would imagine her contributions were significantly appreciated.

Roxanne Anthony Marin: “She will surely be missed. Her work we will continue, advocating for services for persons with disabilities where there are no services we hope to implement those services. BAPDA is governed by the constitution of Belize and also by the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with disabilities. So Ms.Eva’s hard work will not go in vain we will continue the fight and to continue to advocate and to see that better services are brought for persons with disabilities in Belize.”

BAPDA is a non-profit organization chartered on September 30, 2009.