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Africanized bees terrorize Belize City residents

For three days, the residents of Lovely Lane and Victoria Street in Belize City, have been terrorized by Africanized bees. Some residents were unable to even get in and out of their homes. One resident who declined an interview said that three of his dogs had been killed by the bees, and he had been stung himself. When Love News went to the area this afternoon, we were met by members of the Ministry of Agriculture, who are the relevant authorities that should be called in such a situation. The extension officer, Francisco Xiu, said that bees in the city are a matter they deal with on a daily basis.

Francisco Xu, Extension Officer Ministry of Agriculture

Francisco Xu, Extension Officer, Ministry of Agriculture: “They are Africanized bees, it’s a cross between European bees and African bees. They tend to be more defensive, we wouldn’t call them aggressive because they tend to protect the colony more often than the other one but they are good honey-producing bees. We found out that it’s not only one problem but two, across to the neighbor there is another one that we have to address but these insects were there for a couple of weeks and people didn’t bother. This one that we just finished had been there for over a month because it was a huge nest so people didn’t bother call us to tell us about it. So now that they are stinging somebody got bothered with it and now it’s a problem and so we have to address it immediately. The other one if you look at it it is calm but we are going to address it right now. Bees are the top pollinators of the environment and we are actually doing bad in killing bees, we try as much as we can to relocate them if we can do that but in this case because it’s a danger to the public we have to address it and eradicate it. At the earliest you could report it it is better for us because it’s less dangerous to deal with it, it’s easier to relocate it but in this case it’s a huge established nest, it’s already built all in the truck of the whole tree so it’s difficult for us to move it.”
Xiu also gave some tips on how to negate bees from nesting nearby, as well as what to do if bees start to build one.
Francisco Xu, Extension Officer, Ministry of Agriculture: “The first thing what we need to do is not to bother with the bees because bees are really dangerous and they could cause damage to people or any living thing in the area. What you need to do is call the office at 203-5088 that is the number of the office and we will try to address this issue, however we are tied up with a lot situations in the city especially in the city that we have to get called and move urgently but we try our best. What happened here is that if you notice in this case it’s in an abandoned yard and the environment it is in is a canopy, it’s like a house and so once they find something that is safe and they can build their nest they will do that, any old abandoned tire, sofas that we put in yards it’s just these items that create the right environment for these bees to build their nests. The other thing is that a lot of pollen is around the area and these things attract bees. We recommend that we keep the yard clean especially containers that have space, try to cut it open and so that it doesn’t create that environment that a bee’s nest can be established.” 
At the time of the bee removal, there were two other nests in the area. As well, Xiu said that they had recently taken down two other nests in that same area.