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After 9 Years in Prison for Allegedly Killing his Parents and Sister Jared Ranguy Gets Bail

34-year-old, Jared Avery Ranguy was granted a thirty thousand dollar bail in the Belize Supreme Court after being on remand for almost nine years. Ranguy is the suspect in the November 25, 2012 triple murder of his mom, sister and step-father which occurred on Marage Road in Ladyville. Tonight, the family is outraged at the court’s decision to grant bail to Ranguy as they have reportedly been in frequent communication with the court awaiting the bail hearing date in order to register their objections. Despite the constant calls to the court, the bail hearing occurred today and Ranguy was released into the custody of a human rights activist. It has been almost nine years since the heinous homicide was carried out in the early hours of that Sunday morning. The victims of the murder were Karen Skeen-Vellos, her husband, Richard Vellos and her daughter, Teena Skeen. At the crime scene, several blood-stained items were found in the attic of the house including a nine-millimeter firearm suspected to be the weapon used in the killing. Love News understands that Ranguy is using the excuse that he was sleep-walking. It is uncertain when the trial will being, but we understand that Ranguy stands to inherit the Skeen estate upon conclusion.