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After Queen Drama – Moya receives letter of ejection

And while Moya speaks of taking steps to improve the judging system of the Queen of the Bay pageant, there is the matter of her removal as Coordinator of the event. As we have reported, Moya was handed a letter signed by former Coordinator Emma Boiton requesting she remove herself as Boiton would resume the position effective immediately. We asked Moya over the weekend and we asked again today if she accepted the dismissal. Her answer remained the same.


Zenaida Moya – Chairperson Queen of the Bay Committee

“The committee we see there is no room for a removal first of all it does not come from under the government, it was passed on to myself I have a team, a very strong and reputable team and we don’t see any reasons why it should be disrupted. I saw something that they would want to move it under government, now you would want to move this committee under government. I hate to say it but you’re opening up the door for political interference.”


“You don’t accept your removal as coordinator that was announced on Sunday?”


“Can anyone remove you?”

Zenaida Moya – Chairperson Queen of the Bay Committee

“We do not accept it and I won’t get into the person that they had sign that letter. I love that woman. When I was asked to take over it was because of reasons that she felt that I could do a good job and I would do it in the right way.”


“Do you have the support of the committee to stand where you are standing right now?”

Zenaida Moya – Chairperson Queen of the Bay Committee

“Yes. Dejanira is here and Ms.Candice Pitts I know she wrote an article as well. Of course Ms. Sandra Malher full support. Karen Pike, Ms.Bailey had called me yesterday she was with me.”

Dejanira Thompson – Secretary

“We just don’t know if she has the authority and with all due respect because I love her we are actually related I look up to her and I respect her and I’m sorry that we had to go through this but I’m not sure she has the authority to do that because she handed it over and that is where we would have to really do more investigation and see if she has the right to do that.”

Zenaida Moya – Chairperson Queen of the Bay Committee

“Because when I spoke to Ms.Bailey yesterday she said she doesn’t see what authority she would have. See this isn’t something that you own, like say okay you have a pageant and it’s Mehetabel Flore’s pageant so Mehetabel Flores owns the pageant- it’s not one person who owns the pageant. It’s not a one person thing so that is the situation.”

Love News has been reliably informed that Emma Boiton will be looking for someone to replace Moya as the Coordinator of the pageant and if she must, she will be taking over the position herself. If the matter is taken to court, we are told that Boiton will present herself to answer for the Queen of the Bay Committee. We are told however, that she hopes the matter can be settled peacefully.