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AG comments on new bill to combat crime

Today, Love News asked the Attorney General Michael Peyrefitte to comment on the Criminal Control and Criminal Justice Amendment Act, which was passed by the Senate last month.  It is hoped that the bill will assist in combating the crime problem.  Peyrefitte confirmed that the Governor General Colville Young has ascented the bill.  Peyrefitte went on to expound on the bill.

Michael Peyrefitte, Attorney General: “All we have done is made certain crimes come with bigger penalties and to introduce anti gang legislation to curb the terrorist activities being carried out by different criminal gangs. So that has been signed and all I have been able to say to the public and continue to say to the public if you are not a gang member or if you are not a person who is a part of an organization whose sole purpose to commit crimes then you have anything to worry about. If you are a gang member and you live at home with your family and your family is not helping you or assisting you with your gang activity then your family can’t be blamed for that- but if the evidence produces that mother, father or brother or sister or whoever is assisting that person, hiding weapons for example- we know that some family members like to hide or store weapons with other family members so that because they have a clean- one brother might work and be a decent person the brother to that person might be a criminal; because that person has a good  reputation we’ve found that the criminals try to use that sibling to hide weapons and drugs or facilitate the activity of the gang. If you are doing that then that is what we are talking about when we say harboring and you will be deemed to be participating in gang activity.”