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AG satisfied with where Senate investigation stands

As we mentioned before, today was the last session held by the Special Senate Select Committee. Auditor General Dorothy Bradley’s report encompasses a number of irregularities that had been happening at the Immigration department between 2011 and 2013. After the report was publicized, the Auditor General was subject to scrutiny particularly from the UDP camp. Today, after the final session that lasted for a little over an hour, the media asked her whether she felt vindicated following the Committee’s year long probe into her findings.

Dorothy Bradley, Auditor General: “I would not call it vindicated because I never felt that way. We did an audit, we made a presentation and once it reached- they established this committee I felt that we were making progress. It took a year, they met with different people, got the information they needed and I’m very satisfied that we are at this point.”

Reporter: Given the interest that the public has kept over those months are you satisfied that the Belizean people were keeping themselves informed as to what was taking place in these hearings.

Dorothy Bradley, Auditor General: “I was very impressed and I encourage people to continue because if we have a watchdog for the country, I call the people of the country the watchdog and they must be vigilant because out of that we saw what happened so I continue to encourage people to do that- its the right thing.”