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AG says Belize’s listing in report is questionable

Today, the Attorney General Michael Peyrefitte commented on the US Department listing Belize as a major drug transit country in its 2018 International Narcotics Control Strategy Report. Peyrefitte admitted that it was a major blow to the country. However, he said that the US Department has not provided any evidence as to how they arrived at that conclusion.

Michael Peyrefitte, Attorney General: “It’s a very questionable attack. It doesn’t help because I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again that that is their opinion of what Belize is, what evidence do they have, they have not presented to us any evidence to demonstrate why it is they believe that. Based on what? Based on what are they saying that we are a major transhipment point of drugs? Based on what? We don’t have any information from them as to what is the foundation of that analysis. They don’t share any information with us, if the US knows who is bringing drugs into Belize then let us know and we will arrest those people because drugs are illegal. So what information do they have that they are not telling us about? We don’t know but like I said that is their opinion, it is a black eye yes because they’re an elephant and we are a flea in world politics and geopolitics but at the same time I think it is unfair and quite cowardly that you would pass a judgment like that on Belize without any evidence to show on what you base that opinion on. They tend to want information but not give information so as long as we are not treated equally or operate on an equal footing then what can we do? All we can do is try to fight crime the best that we can. If there is an illegal activity we got to stop it out, we bring the people to court, they have their day in court and the justice system decides but until then I do not accept any other country’s assessment on my country without at least trying to do some good with that assessment.”