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AG Says Registrar Pushed for Investigation Into Mason’s Birth Document

The issuance of a birth certificate to William Mason stating that he was born in Crooked Tree Village, Belize District was another revelation that came out following the discovery of the head of Pastor Llewellyn Lucas.  Who facilitated him with that official document?  As we noted in a previous newscast, the matter had been handed over to the police and there are four suspects in that investigation.  Today, we asked Attorney General, Vanessa Retreage to update us on this aspect of the entire situation.


“I think you would be able to get better information in relation to that from the Registrar. She has spearheaded that investigation and she will be more able to give your more details on that investigation and what she has done and not done so far.”


“Is that something that you pushed ?”


“Well the Vital Statistics Unit is under my portfolio and it is something I did consult with the Registrar on but the Registrar really is the one that has pushed that and ensure that what needs to be done is done.”

The birth paper listed Mason’s parents as Sharon Tillett and James Mason.