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Aggregates Business Gives Vehicle to Rural Police

A brand new pickup truck was handed over to the Ladyville Police Station this morning in front of the Matalon Building on Coney Drive in Belize City.  On hand to receive the vehicle for the police was Senior Superintendent Edward Broaster who spoke to the media on how the vehicle will be used as well as how they plan to have the vehicle remain well kept.


“Today is our day to receive and we want to thank Belize National Aggregates for their kind gesture in donating this truck. It’s going to be utilized for highway patrol from mile 8 to mile 21 on the George Price Highway and I’m sure that it’s going to do a lot of prevention especially in the smuggling of firearms and drugs into and out of the Belize district. We have selected drivers that we have had undergo proper training and as well we have a maintenance program with the companies so these vehicles will be highly maintained and our drivers are trained to ensure that they take good care of them. I was just asked by one of the chairmen of the Belize National Aggregates what the estimated time we expect the vehicle to last and a vehicle like this will definitely go well for us, beyond three years thereabout.”

The vehicle was donated by National Aggregates Limited located in Ladyville Village, Belize District.  Amanda Arguelles is the Public Relations person for National Aggregates, who spoke on how the idea of the vehicle donation came about.  Meanwhile, Emil Torres of Caribbean Motors spoke on the affordability of the vehicle and how well equipped it is.



“This is a 2016 Great Wall Wingle pickup truck, double cab. This comes with a very fuel efficient engine, it’s a 2.4 liter four cylinder. So in terms of the police department one of the biggest factors in government in general is fuel cost, the more they can save on fuel the more they can reinvest that money somewhere else. It’s a loaded vehicle, something that the police might not necessarily need but the vehicle does come with the essentials like a CD player, power windows. We will also be installing the sirens and the lights and everything for them as well today.”

Taking into account the duty exemption from the Government of Belize, the vehicle is valued at twenty six thousand Belize dollars.