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Agric Show 2017 Draws 37K Visitors

The 47th National Agriculture and Trade Show was officially opened on Friday, April 28 on the showgrounds in Belmopan.  On Saturday and Sunday, the trade and commerce went into full swing as dozens of private and public businesses occupied the booths with bargains, deals and marketing strategies.  Love News spoke with the Chairperson of the NATS committee, Gary Ramirez for a preliminary report on the show.


“We had an estimated 16,000 or so Belizeans visiting the show grounds on that day, again the final numbers for the entire weekend are still being finalized with Saturday being more or less on average based on what we expected. On Sunday we definitely had an increase in the number of visitors, the people in our ministry who worked on finalizing the total number of visitors will complete that process. Again the preliminary numbers are looking somewhere around the 40,000 range but more than the numbers we had a crime free National Agriculture and Trade Show weekend. We had a few minor scuffles which comes with the territory but in speaking with the representatives of the police department they indicated that the show ended with no incidents. We would like to thank all the many Belizeans who visited the show grounds over those weekend, from the people I had an opportunity to speak to there was a lot of positive feedback and a lot of people were satisfied we had to offer, the grounds were well prepared, we created a number of open spaces; traditionally the size of the crowd is judged by how compact the main road is but this year what we were able to do is open up a few other areas and have some of those people who would normally complain about the congestion of the main road feed into other areas on the grounds so for the first time I don’t believe we will be able to use what you see just on the main road as an indicator of how well attended the show was but we thank Belizeans for coming out, we had a again a very successful Agric show 2017.”

The Ministry of Agriculture has confirmed that the visitors to the show amounted to about thirty seven thousand with the majority of that figure coming out on Sunday.  According to CEO for Agriculture, Jose Alpuche, this year’s visitors exceeded last year’s by an estimated two thousand.