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Agriculture Minister and CEO In Guyana on Rice Business

Minister of Agriculture, Gaspar Vega and his Chief Executive Officer, Jose Alpuche are in Georgetown, Guyana meeting with their counterparts and discussing the prospect of having Guyana be the go-to producer should Belize ever experience a short-fall in rice production.  Vega and Alpuche were in meetings since yesterday and those sessions continue today with Guyana’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Carl Greenidge.  According to an online publication from Guyana, Belize’s Deputy Prime Minister was quoted as saying that the current domestic production level which is averaged at about ten thousand tonnes is in line with the current domestic consumption but that in the event there is a shortage, Belize would be seeking Guyana’s help.  Guyana is interested in signing onto a bilateral agreement with Belize for the supply of rice; that interest was expressed by Guyana’s Agriculture Minister, Noel Holder.  In recent years, Guyana’s business of importing rice has been soaring but with Venezuela’s decision to stop buying the paddy and rice from them, the stakeholders in the rice industry are hoping that another lucrative market would surface.