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Agriculture Minister Visits Southern Producers

The Minister of Agriculture, Godwin Hulse is in the south making rounds to various facilities under his portfolio.  Love News spoke with the minister on his itinerary for today and tomorrow which began at around ten o’clock this morning.


“First of all I want to go to Jalacte where there is a BAHA Station. It’s a station we have provided for people who are coming across there and also there is an immigration post that we have there and we want to finalize and regularize that. There are a lot of people coming across there as I understand it, the road right up to now to the border at this point has been completed on the Guatemalan side. I understand ours is also completed and that’s why I need to see it. I need to have a clear understanding visually of what it is etcetera. Jalacte Tree Tops is the first visit. Then I am going to do Agriculture per say, we’re going to visit Pueblo Viejo and visit a school garden project there. I understand the kids are doing some wonderful work. We’re also going to visit a yellow ginger factory here in PG. There is a Canadian lady I understand who has been processing yellow ginger and exporting it into Canada. That seems to be a good project where people with small parcels of land could probably be involved in Of course I am going to tour and visit our outreach station down here. Then there’s a spice farm down here at Dr. Mathews I want to see what that is all about so I will stop in and have a visit at that as well. And then last but not least I am going to pull into Red Bank sometime tomorrow to look at the CGA Nursery for citrus. That is a big nursery, probably the biggest and they have some special processes and facilities now to try to counter this Citrus greening so  I will be visiting that as well.”

According to the minister, the highlight of his tour will surround the rice industry.


“You know I would never come South without going to ________which was the Rice Research Station. You know fundamentally I am a rice man before I was a senator and before I was a minister and I will continue to have a first love for rice and rice research. I had done a lot of work in the past with rice so I am going to visit that station and see where we are. I will also be visiting the Big Falls Rice Mill which as you know over the years the ______products has declined significantly. When about six million pounds of paddy in this area to about six hundred thousand, a significant decline. Part of the mission is to see how we can bring that back up and get the people in the south here once again involved in rice production. The South has basically been overtaken by Mennonite production in the Central, in Spanish Lookout Area and in the North in the Blue Creek area. But there is no reason that the small farmer cannot get back in rice production and the ministry hopes to push that.”

Minister Hulse is being accompanied by his Chief Executive Officer, Jose Alpuche as well as a team from the Agricultural Department.  The tour is set for today and tomorrow.