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Agriculture Ministry Attempts to Facilitate Dialogue with ASR and BSCFA

Last week we told you of the sugar cane farmers who are upset after the BSI/ASR deducted monies from their second payment.  The monies were deducted as BSI/ASR feels that the farmers should carry majority of the burden for the spoiled molasses as a consequence to the MAILLARD REACTION.  The Belize Sugar Cane Farmers Association had made it clear that the farmers were not taking responsibility for the molasses but despite their expressed stance, the monies were still deducted.  As it relates to any possible intervention on this matter, we spoke with Chief Executive Officer, Jose Alpuche of the Ministry of Agriculture.


“They have approached the Sugar Industry Control Board, the Sugar Control Board is seeking legal advice. Keep in mind the commercial agreement governs the operations of the sugar industry. We have not been privy to the finalized signed commercial agreements so we are attempting to see how best we can facilitate a dialogue. The only thing I would want to say to the parties is that this matter has to be resolved within the ambit of the legally binding commercial agreement and the second point is as we keep on saying to them, we will not negotiate, we will not dialogue within the media.”

The farmers had held two peaceful protests at Tower Hill to express their discontent.  Love News understands that they are currently weighing their options for legal recourse.