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Agriculture Ministry Cites Contraband As a Factor in Carrots’ Surplus

Last night Love news told you about farmers from the Orange Walk District, who are frustrated about not being able to sell their carrots. Their concern is that their produce is going to waste, due to the increase in imported carrots.  We heard from Chief Agricultural Officer Roberto Harrison who gave us reasons of the importation of carrots, which was to keep a balance in supply. Harrison also told us that they have stop issuing license for the importation of carrots. A release sent out today by the Agriculture Department explained that the importation of vegetable is carefully timed to prevent shortage or an oversupply of the product. The release goes on to say that there are issues that may affect supply such as illegal contraband. “There are periods when both imported and domestic products are on the market, usually at the start of or at the end of harvest. This period is most difficult to manage as a third factor -illegal contraband -imports also affect supply. End of Quote. The release goes on to say that they apologize for any loss caused to the small farmers.