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Agriculture Ministry Hosts Training in Poultry Production in Southern Belize

Phase one of a training session on poultry production was initiated in southern Belize. Here is Paul Mahung with that story.


“Training in connection with a Free Range Poultry Production Project began yesterday in Toledo.  Coordinator of the project in this district is Ministry of Agriculture Toledo Extension Officer, Densford  Mangar.”


“The Free Range Poultry Project is set up in four phases. Phase one, setting up of the incubator. Phase two setting eggs in the incubator. Phase three candling of eggs to confirm fertility. Phase four, expected date of egg hatching. The participants in the project come from secondary schools in Toledo district. We are glad to have TCC, IT VET, Julian Cho and participants from the Agricultural Department. Phase one explained how to properly set up an incubator and monitor the temperature for three days before phase two begins.”


“Toledo District Agriculture Coordinator Justaquio Tush commented that the project aims to improve genetics of local chickens in Toledo as well as to increase production of local chicks plus local chicken meat.  Tush confirmed that already last year in connection with the project, Toledo Community College, ITVET Toledo, JC Technical and Corazon Creek High Schools each received an incubator through the Japanese Social Development Fund.  The Free Range Poultry Production Project in Toledo is sponsored by the Ministry of Agriculture through the Food and Agriculture Organization FAO.  The morning training session for Phase one of the project was held at Ministry of Agriculture Station in Elridgeville, Toledo.  Reporting for Love News Paul Mahung Punta Gorda.”