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Agriculture organizations receive office equipment through the Resilient Rural Belize program

Five agricultural producing organizations will receive several pieces of office equipment thanks to the Resilient Rural Belize program. The initiative is being funded through the program’s Matching Grant Fund, which was developed to assist small farmers with the resources necessary to improve agricultural production and climate resilience. CEO of the Ministry of Economic Development, Dr. Osmond Martinez, spoke about the importance of investing in Belize’s agricultural sector to reduce poverty. 

Dr.Osmond Martinez, CEO, Ministry of Economic Development: “This is again one of the projects under the GCF and funds that we will be used from the Green Climate Fund to give some crates for storage and to move their products and I think there are other computers and chairs and so that will be given to the small farmers and those are in Valley of Peace, San Antonio, San Carlos, Nago Bank and Trio and that will be done starting tomorrow and next week. But definitely, this shows again the commitment that we have in terms of implementation and I mean it’s overwhelming. My heart rejoices any time we can help the MSMEs and especially where there is an impact in the reduction of poverty.”

Each of the five organizations will get one hundred plastic crates, a desktop computer, a printer, a refrigerator and a standing fan.