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Ahamdiyya Muslim Jama-at to hold third convention in Belize

The Ahamdiyya Muslim Jama-at is a fast growing international revival movement within Islam. It spans two hundred countries with membership exceeding tens of millions. The community was established in Belize in November, 2013. This week they will be holding their third annual convention and so today representatives met the media to discuss the upcoming event. President of the Ahmadiyya Mulsim Jama’at Belize, Naveed Mangla spoke of the upcoming events.

Naveed Mangla – President, Ahmadiyya Mulsim Jama’at Belize

“We’re here to educate our kids and make sure that if there is any misunderstandings we clear them out and another thing that we are doing in the city which is not just for our own youth its for the youth of the whole city is the basketball league and that is for the same reason so that you youth here in the city don’t get involved in other crimes that are going on and like I said the inauguration of that basketball league will be on Sunday at 10am at the Gateway Youth Center and whomever is listening and wants to become a part of this week you can call us at 615-2651 and if you are 19 and under and wish to be a part of it we will try our best to squeeze you in.

Vice President of the Canada branch, Mubashar Ahmad extends an invitation to all Belizeans to take part in the activities.

Mubashar Ahmad – Ahmadiyya Mulsim Jama’at Canada

“Come to the conference, listen to the speeches, enjoy the refreshments look at the exhibition that we are going to set up and I promise you that you will learn something good and useful and something that will help you on the way, even if you never become a part of the community, even then it will help you to become a better person in general.”

The conference ends with the basketball tournament on Sunday.