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Ahmad Family Can Receive Police Protection

The Ahmad family had publicly stated that they were receiving threats, although they would not give many details. According to Minister Wilfred Elrington, that matter was not discussed in Thursday’s meeting with the leaders of the Muslim Community.  Following the meeting Elrington said the police are also looking at the allegations.

Wilfred Elrington – Minister of Home Affairs

“I can give the public of Belize an assurance that I’m going to look into that and to the extent that they need to get surveillance and to that extent we will seek to provide it. They are expressing concern about that, that is something  to be looked into and I will try to ensure that we provide them with the kind of security that will give them comfort.”

As we have reported, the Belize Police Department maintains that Fareed Ahmad’s murder was not a state-ordered execution. They say that so far the evidence they have uncovered shows that Michelle Brown acted alone. She is currently on remand.