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Ahmad family still worried about their safety

But the family of Fareed Ahmad, who was slain allegedly by Woman Police Constable Michelle Brown, does not feel the same way. His brother maintains that the family continues to live in insecurity with little to no trust in the Police department.

Faisal Ahmad – Younger Brother of Fareed Ahmad

“Right now just with my family we are just trying to gather the pieces. We are trying to see how we can deal with this whole situation independently. We have nothing about what we could do, we are just trying to work with the police but at the end of the day everything is like a little run around and so what we are trying to do is just looking out for our own safety right now.”


“Can you speak to what the family has said with regard with the video surveillance and what it shows and what you say it doesn’t show.”

Faisal Ahmad – Younger Brother of Fareed Ahmad

“Pertaining to that you could say you see a vehicle, you can’t really tell who is in the vehicle. You can’t just draw conclusions based on something you see, you need to be in that vehicle. Obviously the camera doesn’t show who is in the vehicle.”

The Police investigation into Ahmad’s murder continues.