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Ahmadiyah Muslim Jamaat gives food hampers to poor

Earlier in the newscast we told you about the poverty assessment tools that would be used to define poverty in a local setting that would eventually aid policy makers to integrate programs into fabric of society to end poverty. But that’s a tall order that will be difficult to fulfill. Some other groups have decided to do what they can to provide some immediate ease to those people who are unable to meet day to day living expenses. At the end of Ramadan, the Ahmadiyah Muslim Jamaat had gathered its members to donate hampers for the poor. Imam Naveed Mangla told us that people can visit the church on Buttonway Boulevard in Belize City and receive the gift.

Imam Naveed Mangle Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at: “One of the lessons that we learned during this month is to appreciate what God has given us and to take care of those that are around us. One lesson that we also learned from the month of Ramadan is that the Holy Quran says that God says to the believers “do you think you will enter paradise without being tested or trailed?” Meaning that regardless which background we are from god will put us in different trails so if you are rich you are in the trail for having money, wealth and god wants to know how you will spend it. The poor are in their own trail while God wants to know how they will react to being poor, not having the basic necessity that the other people may have. Therefore we feel that it is the responsibility of those that can help, should help those people who are around us and that can use all the help. Every now and then the members of our community gather up and chip in some amount of money. We do this food drive and any other way we can help those people in need we do it for the sake of god.”

Jose Sanchez: “ If anybody would like to get one of these donations how can they get in contact with you?”

Imam Naveed Mangle Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at: “They can reach us right here at #529 Buttonwood Bay Boulevard or they can give us a call. We would like to invite them to come and pick it up from here. If for whatever reason they can’t and we have some bags left they can tell us where they live and we are even willing to go and drop it off to them. We have the basic stuff: a bottle of oil, toilet paper, a bag of two pounds of rice, two pounds of sugar, two pounds of the flower so just some basic stuff that we have.”

Mangla said that if people can’t reach the church, he would be happy to deliver the hamper to residents of the city.