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Ahmadiyya hosting basketball camps

The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community has been known to reach out to youths through the game of basketball.  In this regard, they are holding a basketball camps which will allow them to connect with youths from across the country. Love news spoke with Naveed Mangla, the President Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, who said that apart from allowing youths to enjoy the sport, they also hope to communicate with these youths that there is a greater purpose for their existence.

Naveed Mangla – the President Ahmadiyya Muslim Community:  “We started off yesterday with Double Head Cabbage. The reason why that particular town was chosen was because one of our very good coaches died during this season who is Mr. Percival that was coming from that town so we wanted to do it in his remembrance so that happened yesterday. Today is Belize City, tomorrow is Belmopan, Cayo in the afternoon and then on Tuesday is the Belmopan and PG. Thursday would be Corozal and Orange Walk, Friday Chetumal, Saturday would be San Pedro so we have to cover the whole county. We have around fifteen people that have come from Canada and the U.S. and most of them are professional coaches. Some people may think that we want to do this to promote our own religion, that is not the fact. We don’t even talk about what our religion is because as I mentioned so many times that the purpose of men in training services that the Ahmadiyya Jama’at does is for the betterment of mankind alone and our Chair-Boat Organization is called Humanity First meaning that Humanity is first and religion comes afterward.”

International coaches are also in the country to assist these youths in developing their basketball skills.

Azam Khan – Coach: “We are going to be looking at taking care of the kids in a roughly three to five age range, between thirteen and eighteen or thirteen to sixteen, then sixteen to nineteen, then about twenty to twenty-three so between three and five years so depending on how many kids we get we will group them according to their total numbers. To any of the local families that are interested, if you take a look at the Ahmadiyya Jama’at Facebook page you will see the schedule and you can see if we are in a city near you. Please send your sons to the basketball camp, they will meet us and a lot of the other coaches from North America. Back in Toronto I am a High school coach and teacher. I coach Varsity which is usually age seventeen to nineteen and I have been coaching Varsity boys for sixteen years. Over there I am a head coach at a high school at a local program there and I have been doing that for an amount of time. I have also been a FIBA referee so I bring that experience here to Belize just to give back to the young kids of your beautiful country.”

Motivational speakers will also be addressing these youths at the basketball camps.