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Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Celebrates Eid Ul Adha in Belize

The Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at in Belize is celebrating Eid Ul-Adha (Eed al-ad-ha), their second largest holiday.  The festival commemorates Ibrahim to sacrifice his son in obedience of Allah’s command.  Arslan Warriach from the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community explained to Love News that this also marks the end of their Islamic pilgrimage called Hajj, which is one of their Five Pillars.  In Belize, their members participated slaughtering a sheep and they distributed to their families and friends. Warriach added that they also gave out food to the needy.

Arslan Warriach, Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at:That which comes often and it also means its a festival. So it’s a very huge thing for muslims all around the world and what we’re doing in this Eid Al Adha is we also sacrifice animals and this is teaching us the essence of sacrifice that the way when we’re sacrificing a sheep or a goat or a cow or whatever we’re sacrificing, whatever animal we’re sacrificing we are humbled because we say to God that ‘God this is exactly how I am at your threshold. God I am ready to put my life on the line to serve your community. To give me time.’ and the way we know that when an animal is being slaughtered they’re just at the disposal of the person who is slaughtering them. So in that same manner we sare showing God that God me as a Muslim I am at your disposal, you use me how you want me so that we can better serve you and get your word to the corners of the earth.”


Umar Akbar, Ahmadiyya Muslim Kama’at: “I truly appreciate all the frienships that I’ve made over the time here through our Ahmadiyya Muslim community, through our basketball league and other initiatives. I’ve made a lot of friends here and I wish them nothing but the best in all of their future endeavors, more success in all their endeavors so it’s been nothing but love and in all of the communities that’s basically the bedrock or the foundation of all the communities. It’s our motto: Love for all hatred for none. So everywhere we go we try to live that, embody that and show that to others.”

Arslan Warriach, Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at: “Haj is a pillar of Islam so once they’ve completed that then they sacrifice that animals a sign of completion to their Haj and Muslims all around the world they take part in this as well to celebrate this deed. And then the sacrifice of Eid is given and distributed into three parts, for your family, for your friends and for those in need and those that are needy. So the beauty of Islam is that the way we celebrate is also by giving back. So this is the beauty of this Eid and even when we celebrate Eid Al Fitr after the completion of Ramadan our Khalifa, the head of the World Wide Ahmadiyya Muslim Community he said don’t celebrate these Eids in your houses go out and help those people who are less fortunate and cannot celebrate. So then what we did, after eating and completing our food and celebrating with our members then we went to the orphanage, we went downtown and we gave hot lunches to everybody.”

This is replicated within Muslim communities around the world and is observed from July 8 to the evening of July 12.