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Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama`at Belize to hold 4th Convention

The Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama`at Belize is holding its fourth Annual Convention on January 27-28 at ITVET. The convention will host people with various backgrounds, religions and academia. The revival movement was founded in 1889 and spans over 204 countries with millions of persons following in the teachings. Imam Naveed Mangla, President of Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at Belize spoke more about this year’s event.

Imam Naveed ManglaPresident, Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at Belize

“The annual convention we call it “Jalsa Salana” which will be happening on Friday and Saturday right here at ITVET. On Friday it will be from 12PM to 5PM and Saturday it will be from  10AM to 5PM. There will be refreshments and meals served for all the guests that will be attending and we have representatives from Guatemala, Mexico, Canada, Honduras, some of them have arrived and some are coming and will be there starting from tomorrow. We invite all our local Belizean brothers and sisters to come and learn about what this religion is. The reason why its important to learn about Islam is because right now 24% of the world’s population is Muslim which means that every fourth person in the world is Muslim and Islam is the fastest growing Sect in the world. So instead of ignoring it and listening to whatever the media has to offer its best that you come and learn from those people that are practicing the religion and are living the religion day and night. The theme for our convention that has been given to us by our spiritual head that resides in the UK is “The Development of a Country.” So most of the speeches will be related to the topic that being Muslims or generally being Belizeans how can we develop this beautiful nation that God has given us.”

The Annual Convention will feature a keynote address by the National President of Canada, Lal Khan Malik. The Convention will be aired live on Love FM from two to five on Saturday afternoon. The second main event that will span three months is the Ahmadiyya Basketball League.

Rodvern Lino – Commissioner, Basketball League

“The Ahmadiyya Basketball League has been running for three years, we will be moving into our fourth year which means our season starting this Sunday. When we started four  years ago we only had one division which was a U17 division. We then moved on and extended to U19 this year we will be having three divisions; we’ll be having U13, U17 and U21 divisions. Our U13 league is open to female athletes as well that would like to participate, we have eight teams already registered- we still have space for two more if we have enough athletes then we will extend it to ten teams in the U13 division. In the U17 we have ten teams so that is already full and in our U21 division we already have thirteen teams so that is overfull. We have teams coming from all over, we have from Orange Walk, Ladyville, Belmopan, Dangriga, 8 miles and we also have teams coming all the way from Mexico we have the Alphas who will be coming in the U17 and U21 division.”

Registration will be held on Saturday during the Convention. On Sunday the organization will be holding an opening ceremony and the games will be held at the SJC Gymnasium.