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Ahmadiyya Players Go to Copa Cancun

Ahmadiyya Basketball plans on bringing home even more Gold medals after they attend the Copa Cancun Tournament. The tournament takes place in Cancun, Mexico. The team told Love News that they are excited to be attending for the third time and hope to achieve yet another victory. Ahmadiyya basketball will be taking two teams to represent Belize. We spoke with Rodvern Lina, Commissioner of Ahmadiyya Basketball, right before they departed.

Rodvern Lina – Commissioner of Ahmadiyya Basketball: “We have been invited to participate in this year’s Copa Cancun. It is a tournament that has teams from all over Mexico, Colombia, sometimes we have U.S. teams and Guatemalan teams as well. The Ahmadiyya Basketball team will be taking two teams: we have U22 and we have U19. This is the third time that we are participating. The first year we won the U19 and came in 2nd for U17, the same thing last year won U19 and came in second for U17. This year we are taking U22 and U19, pretty much the same guys who just got older and we are hoping to bring back two gold medals.”

One of the players, Xylon Belgrove expressed how much he enjoys being a part of the team and how it has impacted him.

Xylon Belgrove – Player: “It has filled me with love, growth and it has instilled a fighting spirit in me that most of our players have as well. Every year we go out, we compete, we have fun, share the love of basketball and that is what we look forward to most of the time, just to have fun and share the love of basketball.”

The Ahmadiyya Basketball league has been constantly attending tournaments with Belizean youths./////