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AHRMED speaks on Gender Based Violence within Belize

The Young Women’s Christian Association (YWCA) has a project called Addressing Human Rights for More Equitable Development or (AHRMED). And with the widespread cases of gender based violence in Belize, Kira Lizama, the project coordinator for AHRMED told Love News, the project will cover the different aspects of gender based violence among women within the country.

Kiri Lizima: “What has always been the work of the YWCA is to kind of empower women in that way and to empower them through knowledge and to empower them in ways that they know how to protect themselves and that’s why you know I said when we conceptualize how the trainings will be delivered and the content in those trainings we want to make sure that it was as practical as possible for women to know the different options they have if they do find themselves in situations like that. “

When asked if the project will provide insight for males who are victims of gender based violence, Lizama said the project will speak on sex, gender and the behaviors among each other.  However it will focus primarily on women.

Kiri Lizima: “One of the modules is sex and gender so it teaches the differences and you know: what gender is, what sex is, the way we use it wrongly. There is a wellness aspect in that so in the wellness aspect I really do feel like that is important because we are talking about being kind to ourselves. How you are kind to yourself is how you are kind to others and so from that perspective we can kind of avoid the hurt people hurt people. We are avoiding that and how we teach it so yes I hear you about how it’s also important to teach young boys as well. Where the power relations rest in society it is the women that need the empowerment, it is the woman that need the extra support and we see that every day so while we can incorporate boys and men our focus should be with women because that is where we are seeing that women require the most support during issues like this.”

The AHRMED project is funded by the European Union and is targeted to girls and women fifteen years and older, however in certain instances, boys are incorporated in the trainings as well.