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Aikman says “No” to the ICJ

According to Dereck Aikman, his organization Belizeans United For Equal Rights at Home and the Diaspora BUFERHD is made of several prominent members who have expressed their concern over the Belize Guatemala Dispute. He says that the members do not support the idea of taking the claim to the International Court of Justice.

President of BUFERHD, Derek Aikman: 

We feel that the governments and both parties are guilty of this I think give Belize’s position a great injustice in our view when we ceded the nine miles of territorial seas to Guatemala in the Maritime Areas Bill. We feel that the court if we were to get to the court if both countries were to get to the court we feel the court will consider the fact that Belize on its own without the influence of any court decided out of wanting to solve this problem decided to cede territory to Guatemala. Now Guatemala claims the entire country and Belize decided to help solve the problem ‘let’s give them nine miles of our territorial sea’ so we believe that the court will see that as Belize obviously is of the opinion that there is something to settle why else give up territory if you don’t believe there is something to settle. If Belize felt we had nothing to settle then they should not have given up anything but the fact that we gave up outside of any court we fear that the court will see that as precedence as an admission by Belize that maybe something is indeed valid with this Guatemalan claim; if Belize didn’t think so then why are you giving up territory?”