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Aikman says the present Voting Procedure can determine how you vote

Former politician Derek Aikman believes that the vote you cast on election day is not a secret to the politicians. Aikman who is the president of (Belizeans United For Equal Rights at Home and the Diaspora)

President of BUFERHD, Derek Aikman:

“I think that the time has come when Belizeans must take the scales off our eyes, must face the unwelcome truth that we may have been subject to or the farce that we have been subjected to all this time as truth and at least be prepared to listen to those of us, because its not just myself and Buffer that knows the vote is not secret there are lots of people out there from both political parties who know that it is not secret but they don’t want to do anything about it because it is to their means and to their ends to utilize that same system to pay people to vote because you get a portion of the money prior to the vote and after they have proven how you voted then you collect the balance  so its method to their madness but Belizean people must understand once and for all what the madness is and I know there are people out there who will receive this news with skepticism and that is fine but what Buffer plans to do some date somewhere smack in the middle of the September Celebrations when we have a lot of Belizeans from the diaspora at home we will conduct a public simulation that will be aired live on television we are going to be seeking sponsorship to do this where we will simulate an actual real day election voting process. We will approach elections and boundaries to produce the same ballot papers that they use for election the same voters list, in other words we would like elections and boundaries to manage the process in the simulation we would want as little to do with it as possible because we want the Belizean people to understand that we are giving you what Elections and Boundaries. Let me be very careful I am not blaming Elections and Boundaries for the fact that the ballot is not secret they are carrying out a process; the presiding officers and the returning officers they are carrying out a process that is prescribed by law but that process is so fundamentally flawed that working that same ‘legitimate’ process you are able to tell how people vote.”

Prime Minister Dean Barrow was asked to response to Aikman’s beliefs on Friday. Here is how he responded.


Rt.Hon.Dean Barrow, Prime Minister:

“It’s not something that I have thought about I believe that we all thought traditionally that the ballot is secret. If somebody can point out that there is a way to get at it we’d have to listen but it’s not something I have heard except for now and not anything that I have thought about.”