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Airport Link Road scheduled to be completed by May 2020

Just over a year ago construction on the International Airport Link Road started; built to connect the Phillip Goldson and George Price Highways. The work is being done by experienced road builders at Cisco Construction Limited.  The company signed a thirty-four million dollar contract with the Government on May 7, 2018. Love News spoke to Contract Manager, Arsenio Burgos, who told us that the road is about 60% complete.

Aresnio Burgos, Contract Manager, Cisco Construction: “We’re well advanced on that, we are six out of seven which means more than 60% on that road. We hope to start paving this month on the George Price Highway side and we hope to do about a kilometer. The bridge on the bridge side we’ve done the north abutment, we are now preparing the north pier and the south pier and we should be pouring the beams this month. So on the bridge we are again I would say at about 60-70% complete in that the beams that go on top are as we speak also being manufactured so there’s a bit of a crunch at the ending where everything sort of gets together and put on. On the other side of the river you have about a half a K and you have the international access road. As you’ve seen if you’ve driven to the airport we’ve now widened the international airport all the way to the airport and we’ve built a roundabout in the almost center of the access road. We had prepared what we call a wet season work and we still haven’t moved into our wet season work yet because we’re busy trying to advance our dry season work. But we are again beginning to prepare for the wet season in that we know that the rains will be coming in October.”

Burgos noted that the plan had been redesigned multiple times due to environmental obstacles.

Aresnio Burgos, Contract Manager, Cisco Construction:So the challenge right now is really one of finding the proper material, the strength that you need to construct this road. This road is being built on fairly very strong material, we’re talking of almost four feet of base, subbase and what we call a blast fill which is all quarried materials so it has a very high strength for the first sixty to seventy inches thick so that five feet that we’re talking about quite a bit of it is on good solid ground. It’s a curvy road but the reason for the curves is that when it was being designed it was being designed to avoid as many swamps as you can so that when you drive the road you will see swamps to your left that we’ve skirted around. If we had gone through the swamps it would have been a lot more expensive.”

The road is schedule to be completed in May 2020.