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Alarice Andrewin Scholarship fund established

Alarice Andrewin, a dedication educator, lost her life in a tragic triple murder which shocked the country. Her family, friends, and students are still reeling from this disaster, but one of her close friends has decided to take out a scholarship in her name. The scholarship will be managed by the Ariel Rosado Foundation. The president of the foundation, Leticia Westby, told us more about it.

Leticia Westby – President of Foundation: “The Alarice Andrewin Scholoprhship basically was something new based on the unfortunate incident and it was one of her very good friends that they decided that they wanted to do a dedication in her memory and provide a scholarship through the Ariel Rosado foundation so basically we are not the ones that did the scholarship, the person, the individual, her friend Alliya Castillo and their family decided that they want to have her memory live on. They came to us and basically said we are going to be funding this and we would like you guys to manage it for us. It will be for an individual, a student who starts first form and receives the scholarship, the commitment is there for four years and what they will be doing is that they will be continuously until I perceive that they are no longer able to go beyond the four years, it will be starting with one student for four years who will be able to be awarded this memorial scholarship. For this particular scholarship in memory of Ms. Alarice Andrewin yes the preference will be given to students who are going to Excelsior High School¬†so any child who have applied, who have been accepted by Excelsior High and they find that their family is having a challenge paying for their school fees we are here and you can submit your application. We have a website ArielRosadoFoundation.Bz that they can go online, get the application form and submit it. We can send it by email, you can drop it off here at Ariel Rosado Ave. or you know there is facebook, you can drop it in the message inbox and will receive those documentations.”

The scholarship will cover tuition and textbooks, provided the student keeps his or her grades above the passing mark. //////////