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Alarming text messages suggest Fareed Ahmad was on hit list

Alarming text messages allegedly sent between two members of the Special Assignment Team, SAT, suggest a hit list and that Fareed Ahmad was a victim. In previous press conferences, the Ahmad Family expressed their belief that the death of the 38-year-old barber was planned. They say he was assassinated. We understand that the head of the Professional Standards Branch, ACP Chester Williams is in possession of the text messages and has launched an investigation in that regard. The text originates from a Digicel number which when searched on Facebook leads to a profile of a member of the SAT headed by Senior Superintendent of Police Marco Vidal. We have confirmed that that person is indeed a member of the SAT and that the Facebook profile is authentic. However, we understand that investigators at PSB are trying to obtain phone records to verify the authenticity of the text messages. As we said the messages are alarming and from what we have read, an alleged member of the SAT attempts to calm down another member. Part of the message reads quote, “Listen bro, stop di get jumpy. Fareed done dead already and wah dead man can’t tell no tales. Mek sure you keep your mouth shut and stop di ack jumpy….. The boss done handle yoh already suh stick to your part and stop di call up anybody from di crew. You done set caz if you do __ you wah end up di same way as Fareed. Just relax breds and wait until di boss contact you.” End quote. The person continues quote, “ next thing mek sure you keep a close eye on the next breda Fisal and the rest on da list weh I send you. Nuff cash deh fu mek ya if yoh play this out right. Just stick with his every move until di time is right and then we will say hello to his allah soon.” End quote. The person then texts quote,“Fareed sister might become a problem as well. Su we might have to take her out more faster than we originally planned. Suh be on standby for a text from you the boss. And stop d trip about Chester because his investigation report no play no role. We are untouchable, nuh forget who da di boss. Oh by the way mek sure you get rid of the hit list caz we don’t want anybody see that or know about that.” End of quote. The person then threatens WPC Michelle Brown who was charged with the murder of Ahmad alluding that she will be killed if she says the wrong thing. Brown was in Ahmad’s vehicle when it crashed and when he was shot in the head. We called the number and after ringing five times, a man answered with a simple ‘hello’. We asked for the person we believe the number belongs to and the person at the other end hung up. We called back several times but our calls were not answered. If this allegation is true, it would be a damning disclosure. However, this leaves us with more questions than answers. We are told that the PSB has ruled out an extramarital affair between Ahmad and Brown as had been rumored. We understand that the PSB is in possession of more incriminating text messages. We understand that Prime Minister Dean Barrow has been briefed on the matter. The Ahmad Family has called on Prime Minister Barrow to intervene.