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Albert Area Rep Explains Why She Didn’t Attend the Protest

While Leader of the Opposition, Moses “Shyne” Barrow was at the forefront of the protest, the other four elected UDP area representatives were noticeably absent. Today, the media caught up with Albert Area Representative, Tracy Taegar-Panton, who explained that while she was not there, she extended the invitation to the executive committee members to attend. She added that although she supports the movement, she was not prepared to be part of the protest.

Tracy Panton, Area Representative, Albert: “I can only give account for myself you know ? I am here. In fact I have been here for every house meeting since this parliamentary term I have not missed a meeting. You would have to speak to my colleagues to find out why they’re not here. I was not prepared to attend that demonstration yesterday. I support the issues. It’s clear that I support the issues they’re posted all over my social media page that I know so many people monitor but I was not prepared to be in the demonstration for lots of reasons. While there is a place for civil unrest, civil disobedience I think that we were not granted a permit to demonstrate and I think that we are law-abiding institution and we should respect the law. We could raise ruckus about why we’re not given a permit using all sorts of other forums but I certainly was not personally comfortable in not respecting the position of the authorities.”

Taegar-Panton says that in addition to not being comfortable partaking in an illegal protest, she was making sure that students from her constituency were ready to start school.