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Albert Area Rep Explains Why She Didn’t Attend the Protest

Albert Area Representative, Tracy Panton, also commented on the outcome of the National Party Council (NPC) meeting held over the weekend. The topic of discussion included the internal turmoil that the United Democratic Party has been facing for several months. Today, she explained what the NPC conceded for them to be able to move forward in an amicable manner and for the best interest of the people they represent.

Tracy Panton, Area Representative, Albert: “I can’t say that all the issues were resolved but the consensus of the NPC was that we find a way to move forward by addressing some of the issues that are in the public domain in internal forums. The original motion that was put on the floor was amended. It was amended based on some suggestions I made and the vice chairman of the party made. In his case the amendment had to do with creating more regular opportunities for elected and appointed officials to be heard at regular meetings of the NPC for more forums for the executive committees in the various constituencies to have a say, a voice of what they perceive may be happening in the party and to get clarifications and I also asked for the inclusion in that motion that we respect and we adhere to the constitution of the party and that we also ensure that decisions of the NPC who is the highest making decision body as you know of the party outside of the national convention be binding which is ought to be.”