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Albert Morales gives pound to pound MMA Seminar

One of the fastest growing sports this century has been Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). Locally there have been the development of schools that train in different disciplines including judo and Shotokan. Between 2015 and 2018 a Belizean born fighter, Albert Morales had made the rounds in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).  In most of his fights Morales, sported his Belize flag as true hero of the jewel. Morales is in Belize to visit family and also host 2 MMA seminars in Belize City. We spoke to Morales when he arrived in the country this afternoon.

Albert Morales – Fighter: “I wasn’t doing anything good, nothing to brag about but I was definitely running around, messing around. I am not saying my mom raised me wrong, my mom raised me right. I was just a knucklehead just trying to be cool I guess. It led me to get into bad situations where I was incarcerated, I don’t like to talk about it. Because of that, also me missing the birth of my daughter I came out of jail decided I need to change my life and found MMA. MMA saved my life as far as the background, I have been doing it for about eight years now. It is everything that I have been working hard for, I put a goal in my mind, I set it and I am continuously trying to achieve and accomplish everything I have done. It has been a short career but a fast career and I am still going. I started training about eight years ago but I have been fighting from about six so normally it takes about eight years to get to the UFC, I was there within three. I was able to learn at a fast pace, ended up being released but now with all the experience that I gained I am trying to get right back and I will get back soon. It was my first time-fighting in Brazil, that is the first time I left the country, against Thomas Omeda, that was pretty cool. That is a fight I want back definitely, a lot of memorable moments for sure, too many to mention. I have two seminars going on this week: one in the AM and that is going to be geared towards people any age, gender, doesn’t matter. I want everyone to come out, that is going to be promoting self-defense, just the real basics: jab, cross, hook, understanding the difference and concepts, this is for everybody. Then in the afternoon or evening I should say we are going to have an advanced one for all the MMA fighters for people that are thinking that they want to be MMA fighters. We will put them through a pro practice so pretty much what my coach puts me through, we are going to be doing the same thing. We are actually going to be training together instead of me instructing. Just show up and the cool thing is with the open one at 8 AM I want as many people there as possible. From there maybe you are not thinking about being a fighter but we see some potential, we are going to pull you to the side and ask you to come out to the advanced so you can see what it is like. No one is going to get hurt, no one is going to get punched in the face. It is all smart work, to show you guys how pros do it.”

The two seminars will be held on Saturday, May 25 at the Swift Hall on Vernon Street in Belize City.