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Alberto August vs. PUP supporter: Who’s Wrong?

Outside of the incident involving Minister Julius Espat and PC Alicia Trapp, the state of play during those village council elections in Teakettle often got a bit testy. One such exchange happened between the UDP’s Vice Chairman, Alberto August and a staunch PUP supporter. In the minute-long video, it shows the woman, identified as Marie Welcome, first shoving a poster that August had in his hand. August responded by shoving the woman and that’s when the police had to intervene. We asked Party Chairman, Michael Peyrefitte whether August’s behaviour was justified. Here’s what he had to say. 

Michael Peyrefitte, Chairman, UDP: “I will speak to the Vice Chairman about it and if it turns out that he did indeed assault some female person whether from PUP or UDP whatever I don’t know it doesn’t matter, if he wrongly assaulted somebody, if he wasn’t defending himself, if he assaulted someone that he should not have assaulted then he will have to answer for that. I will look at the video and when I look at the video I will have a conversation with the Vice Chairman and if he was wrong then he was wrong. If he is wrong then I will be the first to say the the UDP doesn’t want to associate itself with that and I would then encourage him and encourage the party to ask him to step down from his vice chairmanship if what I see I don’t agree with and I would hope that the PUP chairman would look at Julius Espat and say how you acted with that police officer you were equally wrong and you need to step back because the PUP won’t associate itself with that.” 

Since our interview, Senator Peyrefitte told us he saw the video and concluded that in his opinion, both August and Welcome were wrong in this incident. Separately, August told us via WhatsApp that he intends to press charges against Welcome for her behaviour, one, which he alleges follows a similar incident in Roaring Creek the week prior.