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Alcaldes better equipped to executed their job

Seventy eight Alcaldes and deputy alcaldes have been sworn in and took part in the first ever training by the Ministry of the Attorney General. Attorney General Michael Peyrefitte says that the alcaldes are now aware of their authority and their limitations.


Michael Peyrefitte, Attorney General

“We had to show them how to be properly appointed in the first place and once properly appointed how to carry out their duties as Alcaldes so all of that we accomplished. I think they know now that they fall under the aegis of the AG’s ministry not the Supreme Court and so they have to come to us for their information, they have to come to us for guidance and leadership. To be honest with you the leadership has not been there from the AG’s Ministry in the past and we are trying to ensure that it will be there from here on out. What we want to do is increase the cooperation and communication between the Alcaldes and the Ministry. We are responsible to protect them, guide them and provide them with what they need and if they believe they are not getting the adequate police protection that they need in order to carry out their duty then it is my job to liaise with the Minister of Police and the Police department to ensure that they understand the importance of the Alcalde system and like any other court they need the protection of law enforcement.”

One of the participants Norberto Alcalaha, the secretary of the Toledo Alcaldes Association says it was a learning experience.


Norberto Alcalaha, Secretary Toledo Alcaldes Association

“There are a lot of questions that need to be asked because like what the Solicitor General said they are taking all the concerns and they will be working on it and they will draft it up and we hope that we could get it as quick as possible before we finish.”

Peyrefitte says that there is still more work to keep