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Alejandro Lauriano killed in Lucky Strike

A 21-year-old was brutally murdered this morning in Lucky Strike Village. However, this is not the first time Alejandro Lauriano has made the news. In fact, he was on trial for a double murder just last year, around this time. Assistant Superintendent of Police, Alejandro Cowo, had more details of how Lauriano went from being on trial to being the latest murder victim.

A.S.P. Alejandro Cowo – Head C.I.B., Belize City: “This morning just after midnight police were called to Lucky Strike Village where upon arrival they observed the motionless body of a male person lying on the ground inside a yard. The male person was identified as Alejandro Roberto Lauriano 21-year-old Belizean from Lucky Strike Village. What police gathered so far is that Mr. Luariano was in the company of another person outside of the yard when the person left to go to the latrine, whilst he was inside of the latrine the person heard a gunshot and Luariano screaming for help. Upon him exiting and coming out to the yard he found Lauriano motionless on the ground. He was found with apparent chop wounds and apparent gunshot wounds to the body. He is the same person that was charged about a year ago, the charges were withdrawn from him based on the advice from the D.P.P.’s Office and he was released. We understand that he was staying in San Ignacio and just recently he moved to Lucky Strike Village. We are looking as to exactly what could have motivated this person to carry out this attack on Mr. Luariano but from his release from prison we know that he has been receiving threats from the other family members regarding those same charges that were levied on him a year ago.”

Lauriano had been accused of killing 64-year-old Teresita Flowers and 17-year-old Delcia Blanco on March 18, 2018 while they were on Tibruce Street. Police are looking at the angle that his death may be related to this previous case.Lauriano’s 52-year-old mother, Bernadine Lauriano, was also fatally last year in her Aloe Vera Street home, reportedly as an act of retaliation when her killer could not locate one of her sons.