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Alex Guzman Remains Missing

The family of thirty-two-year-old Alex Guzman is now offering a two thousand dollar reward for any concrete evidence that may lead to his whereabouts. The Armenia Village resident was last seen on Saturday morning walking in the Spanish Lookout area. According to reports, Guzman was drinking and left the campsite on foot, but his family is wondering why Guzman’s vehicle was found at the campsite in perfect working condition. Since his disappearance, Guzman’s family has formed a search party and have been searching for him in the area of Lagoon Bank, between the Yalbac Hills and Buena Vista Village. His eldest brother, Nelson Guzman, says that while the family is hoping for the best, their search remains futile.

Nelson Guzman, Brother: “We sent out a picture that he was here on the ground by ten o’clock but he was by himself he was not with his colleagues that he was working with, he was my himself. We believe he probably- something was up to his mind because the information the guys gave us was that Friday night he was a bit mysterious because he’s a guy that he’s always talking, he’s always joking and that is his character. We believe probably he was a bit stressed or depressed so we could not give a certain conclusion that he was depressed or stressed. He’s a very well trained guy, he actually knows very well how to survive in the jungle because he’s a trained tour guide who has several survival trainings, he was part of rescue teams and worked at Ian Anderson’s Cave Branch he was part of their rescue team and stuff like that. So we know in the jungle if he had some food with him he would survive for a couple days. That’s what keeps our hopes very high. We are hoping to continue with the search for at least three days more, we cannot say if we will stop today, tomorrow or two days more, we will see how long we can manage to keep on searching. Now we’re still on the ground, we’re still here and there’s more volunteers coming in and that motivates us to keep on searching because people from the village are coming in everyday we have some new people coming and helping so that keeps our hopes very high and that motivates us not to quit.”

Guzman’s brother added that if anyone from the nearby villages has seen him please contact the family at 602-3415.