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Alibi for Alpuche Emerges on His Whereabouts When Cane Fields Were Burnt

While investigation continues into the issue of who set fire to more than 700 tons of BSI’s cane, Cervantes raised the possibility that all this might be a case of mistaken identity.  According to Cervantes, recent information brought to his attention by a Mennonite employee is that Alpuche was at the Cervantes quarry in San Antonio village at the time of the incident and it was when they were on their way back to Orange Walk Town that both men were detained by police for allegedly setting the fields on fire.


“It’s my political opponents, you said it, it could be political and they are the ones trying to make a case of it, trying to implicate me but  I will say categorically that I condemn and denounce the burning of cane fields and why? There is a fundamental reason; because my family has been victim, we have been victims of the burning of cane fields. I have very good friends who have been victims to the burning of cane fields. In fact, seventeen acres of our cane fields, right at Mameyal, opposite where they abducted my father, right there they burnt seventeen acres of our cane so I totally condemn and denounce such action of burning of cane fields. I would never engage in such an action. I would never incite such an action or condone it. In fact I denounce such actions as the burning of cane fields. “

Up to news time the men had not been charged for any criminal offense as police continue to carry out an intensive investigation into the matter.  BSI estimates the cane burnt to be worth 50 thousand dollars.