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All Eyes on the Grand Ol’ Party (PUP)

The leadership for the People’s United Party is the top story on the political scene in Belize as the main opposition party has seemingly been unable to gain enough momentum at the polls to form Government and has been experiencing some serious internal issues.  It has been some time since we have been trying to get comments from the candidates running in the leadership race and to date, Francis Fonseca has been the only one who has refused the media.  Upon entering Independence Hall last Saturday at the National Party Council meeting we spoke with Cordel Hyde on his campaign and candidacy.

CORDEL HYDE:  We’re pretty confident. We’ve been talking to delegates all over this country and they’ve been pretty positive. The response has been overwhelming and so we are looking forward to talking to the rest of delegates all over this country because those are the persons who will decide this election.”

Yesterday during an event in Ladyville, we met up with John Briceno, another one of the candidates who has served in the capacity of Party Leader and is seeking another term at the helm of the PUP.  Briceno says his first time as the Party Leader was a learning experience and he is planning on doing things differently with the unity of the party in mind as well as the return to the party’s philosophy on social justice.

JOHN BRICENO: I have a very clear vision as to where we want to take the PUP and this country and I as I tell everyone we need a country where every single Belizean has an equal opportunity to be able to take care of themselves and their family, that is what the PUP is all about, creating opportunities for everyone. How are we going to win, we are going to win with hard work. We need a leader that is going to work hard and is going to walk in every community, every village, town and city in every corner in Belize. I work hard. I have a cadre of good talented people that are with me as we reorganize the party. We know how to win elections, we’ve been showing that from the day that I started politics way back in 1993 and even in 2012 everybody recognized that in 2012 the PUP came so close because it was based on my work so I believe that on these and so many other reasons I firmly believe that I am the best person equipped to lead the PUP right now and to a victory at the next general elections for the People’s United Party.” 

The entire leadership race is being watched particularly by the avid fans of politics.  We asked Prime Minister Dean Barrow to give us his comments on the upcoming PUP convention.


“I will hold my fire. Remember that this is my last term. I am going to be a changed man. I am going to be the sweetest most emollient fellow you can find and in that way I have nothing to say with respect to the opposition and leadership race. Thank you very much.”

The Special National Convention comes up for the PUP on January 31, 2016.