Allan Pollard is not backing down

Allan Pollard is not backing down

It is to be noted that there has not been an official confirmation to this report, but we can tell you that Allan Pollard has been hearing the same story.  As a matter of fact, some known PUPs have also taken to social media to weigh in on the situation.  As for Pollard, he says he is not backing down, and that he is preparing to face off with Wagner in a convention. 

Allan Pollard, Deputy Mayor of Belize City: “I haven’t heard any confirmed reports of there being a possible endorsement or from all our indications we have been hearing that the party is leaning toward a convention. I haven’t heard anything to be honest in terms of that clear decision being made that there will be an endorsement but from my indication no, nothing like that. But I’ve been called multiple times being asked the same questions, but I haven’t heard anything officially. And people have been asking me, Alan, are you stepping down? Are you stepping aside? No, I am not. I am in this race. I’m not stepping down. I’ve already offered myself to the people. I feel like I have an obligation to the young people of this country, of this city. And I have obligation to the party as well. Whichever way the rumors are going I can’t say unless there’s something official or someone reach out to me. I haven’t had anything official from the party to say this is the way we’re going. But from my team, myself, I’ve already prayed, I already spoke with my family, my team, my supporters and everybody is ready for the convention. We are ready, we are prepared and that’s what we’re continuing to do. We’re continuing to be ready. We have an obligation to the youths of this state. We have an obligation to the people who have supported us and that’s something that we can’t sway now, right?”

Pollard is a young politician who first entered electoral politics in 2018.  He told Love News that he hopes for democracy to prevail, and that stepping aside is not in his plans. 

Allan Pollard, Deputy Mayor of Belize City: “I have been in this party since 2018. I’ve followed this party maybe my whole life, right? Before being officially a candidate and I believe in the movement at this party. I believe in what this party represents. This party represents democracy. It represents giving fair chance to the people, giving representation to the people. And that’s how I got here in the first place, you know. I got here by the people, alright. The people placed their support behind me. When Cordel Hyde and Anthony Mahler gave me the shot in 2018 and believed in me as a youth coming into this thing, that meant a lot. And it still means the same thing now today. You know, people that look like me of the same age are given a fair shot to represent what they believe in, their people and the supporters and the residents have always given me that overwhelming support every time at the polls whether it be convention whether it be election and that is something I’m very proud of and I think that’s something that the party should embrace and is proud of and I’m almost certain that when they’re making these decisions that is something that they have in mind and I and I know my party and I and I feel that you know democracy will prevail as it usually does no?”

Reporter: But if… you are asked to step aside, is that something you will do?

Allan Pollard, Deputy Mayor of Belize City:  “I already said, my position is I am running to be the next mayor of this city. I believe firmly and there are people who support me that believe firmly that we need to go a different direction. The city needs a breath of fresh air, needs new leadership and that is what I represent and that is what I bring. I cannot say anything other than that. Whichever way it goes, I just want to reiterate and echo the sentiments that I am a candidate, an aspiring candidate, and I will remain as that, an aspiring mayoral candidate. And come convention day, we will be ready. And we will, election day, we will deliver the party to another term in office at the Belize City Council.”

The other mayoral candidate is Lawrence Ellis, a businessman who once worked at the Belize City Council as the Sanitation Manager in the 1990s

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