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Allegations Surface within Belize Workers Union over Bank Accounts

Yesterday we reported of the alleged mismanagement of monies within the Belize Workers Union. Tonight we present you with cheques written out to the Chairman and executive members of the union. Financial statements were obtained by Love News that show between April 13 2016 and October 4 2016, 34 cheques were issued out to Ramiro Gongora, Gilberto Castillo, Hector Castillo and Malco Cabrera totaling fifteen thousand three hundred and thirty dollars. The cheques were cashed using three of the Union’s bank accounts. Those accounts are now dry and so the union is broke. In fact, a bank statement shows that there is an overdraft of over twenty four thousand dollars. When we contacted Gongora yesterday he told us that the membership told him not to speak to the media and said that the BWU is planning to hold its annual general meeting. Well one person who is coming forward with a lot of documented information is Samantha Carlos. Carlos was the front desk clerk of the BWU for three years. She was fired on September 9 and she believes it was because she was raising the alarm to what she considers irregular behavior by the executive members. Carlos told Love News that for more than a year she has been writing to the Executive of the BWU questioning their decisions in regards to the union’s money. Today, Carlos gave us the run down.

The BWU has about 260 members who contribute about 7 dollars weekly. Carlos says that the members are now very concerned.

Carlos, who is a paying member of the union says she is planning to have a meeting on October 28 to further discuss the matter with the membership.


Before news time we attempted to contact Gongora once more for comment but our phone calls went unanswered.