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Alleged abuse at Stella Maris School

A mother’s worst fears have been realized after she discovered her child is allegedly being abused at Stella Maris Primary School. While her child had not been diagnosed with a learning disability, he was learning at a slower pace than other students, leading her to enroll him at the school. She would never have imagined the torment her child would endure at the hands of other students. While she wished to remain anonymous, she told us at length about her child’s nightmarish experience.

Voice of Concerned Mother: “Right now at this moment my son is going through all kinds of difficult things at Stella Maris right now. Every day, when my son goes to that school my son, comes home with all different kinds of bruises, swollen eye, busted lip, the whole part of his face swollen, his hand was swollen too. I ask him ‘what happened to you? Tell me, let us talk.’ He said ‘mommy I don’t want to go back to Stella Maris school.’ He said ‘I will be honest with you boys touch boys private parts there.’ he said ‘They kiss each other, boys are looking to feel up the girls.’ he said all different kinds of things are happening there. He said ‘mommy I don’t want to go back.’ When I go to the school now this is what they told me , that my son is the problem child there, my son likes to chance children. They told me that my son chanced from the infants there at Stella Maris school. If you go at Stella Maris school right no I’m not going to lie, go to the school you will see my son miss 150 times at that school or more than that because it hurts me. Every day it hurts me to see my son going through problems there and me the mother cannot help him. My son was on the Stella Maris bus and this is what happened, a parent whose child is going to the school said that she actually saw what happened, the little boy took his hand and slapped my child in his face. She said she politely went near the bus door and asked them what is happening, this is what happened, the bus conductor and the driver they just laughed. This is what the principal of Stella Maris told me, I’m not going to lie, they cannot help on the bus as long as he is in the schoolyard they can help him but the bus they cannot.”

The mother said she has tried relentlessly to enroll her son in another school, but Stella Maris refuses to give her a transcript. Additionally, authorities at the school are reportedly telling other principals that the child shouldn’t be around, quote, “normal” children. The mother also told us that she had spoken to Minister of Education, Patrick Faber about the situation, but when we asked him today, he said he was not aware of it.

Hon. Patrick Faber, Minister of Education: “That was the first that I heard of it but just for general information for folks if there is something that happens with your child at school we encourage you first to visit the school, to talk to the teacher if it happened actually in a classroom and to find out what went on. If you’re not satisfied that the teacher is handling the situation we encourage you then to go to the principal who ought to better be able to handle the situation and then there are of course the management agents, the local manager or the general manager of the schools that can help you solve that issue. But in every district the Ministry of Education also has district education centers and we have education officers and a principal education officer in those districts that are tasked with going into a school once a complaint is made to do an investigation but we really encourage people you know if there is a matter first try to deal with it within the school because if indeed something like that happens it is the first priority of the school to address such a matter.”

Love News will keep following this story.